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S1E1 - What’s Your Why?

S1E2 - How To Get Clients + Portfolio When First Starting

S1E3 - Finding Your Brand: Turning Your Personality into Profit

S1E4 - Second Shooting

S1E5 - How to Not Suck At Editing

S1E6 - Worth, Value, and Identity

PDF: Software A Photographer Needs

PDF: Content Ideas

PDF: Our Favorite Equipment



S2E1 - Get Out of Your Own Way

S2E2 - Marketing: The Power of Storytelling

S2E3 - Pricing: Let’s Talk Money

S2E4 - Weddings 101

S2E5 - Creating Cohesive Work

S2E6 - Fake It Til You Make It

S2E7 - Crushing Client Consultations 

S2E8 - Styling Your Clients 

S2E9 - Websites That Convert

S2E10 - Websites That Convert - Continued

PDF: SEO Like a Pro 

PDF: Blogging

PDF: Template - Wedding Questionnaire 

PDF: Guide to Features + Submissions 

PDF: Client Consultation Guide

PDF: Outfit Guide Template




S3E1 - Numbers Don’t Define Your Worth

S3E2 - You’re Not Taylor Swift - Curate Yo Feed!

S3E3 - Captions That Matter

S3E4 - Building Relationships With Followers

S3E5 - Hashtags and Geotags

S3E6 - Serve, Serve, Serve

PDF: Go-To Apps for Instagram



S4E1 - Niche Marketing: PICK YO THANG

S4E2 - Client Communication & Experience

S4E3 - Workflow

S4E4 - How to Get Rave Reviews

S4E5 - So You Wanna Be A Destination Photographer?

S4E6 - Outsourcing 101

S4E7 - Outsourcing: Editing 

S4E8 - Outsourcing: Systems

S4E9 - Dreaming & Goal Setting 

PDF: Email Templates

PDF: Let's Talk About Taxes 

PDF: Backup Workflow 

PDF: Time Inventory Worksheet

PDF: Outsourcing Worksheet 


S5E1 - Intro to Posing 

S5E2 - Couples 

S5E3 - Families 

S5E4 - Senior Portraits

S5E5 - Wedding Party

S5E6 - Bride & Groom

PDF: Questions to Text Couples Before Their Session 

PDF: Posing Prompts & Directions 

PDF: Posing for Individuals + Groups


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